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August books

Good thing LJ has an auto-save feature. I seemed to have closed off all my browsers one day last week without posting this.

What happened to the heat? I've been cold the last few days. I ended up turning the furnace on yesterday instead of waiting 'til the middle of Oct. Not that it actually started since the thermostat read 70 degrees. lol Oh well, that's what flannel shirts and sweatshirts are for.
Thought I better post my books read from last month before I end up having to do 2 months at once again.

Claudia Bishop The Case of the Ill-Gotten Goat #3 in The McKenzie Casefiles. He's a veterinarian for large farm animals in rural New York. The main character drives me nuts so this is probably the last one in this series for me.
Donna Andrews Stork Raving Mad #12 in the Meg Langslow series. Love this series and this is the first mystery I ever remember reading where it all happened in one day! That doesn't mean it was a short book - 309 pages, to be exact!- but a very event-filled day it was!
Patricia Sprinkle Daughter of Deceit #3 in the Family Tree series. A genealogy mystery series, as you can probably tell!
Nevada Barr Burn #16 in the Anna Pigeon series.
Nancy Fairbanks Turkey Flambe #9 in the Carolyn Blue series.
Tim Myers At Wick's End, Snuffed Out, Death Waxed Over, A Flicker of Doubt #1-4 in a Candlemaking mystery series.
Monica Ferris Sins and Needles #10 in the Needlecraft series.

Jocelynn Drake Wait for Dusk #5 in the Dark Days novels
Rachel Caine Total Eclipse #9 and final book in the Weather Warden series. She does have another series set in this universe!
Maria V. Snyder Storm Glass, Sea Glass #1-2 in the Opal Cowen series. Set int he same universe as her Study books.

Science Fiction
Harry Harrison The Stainless Steel Rat Returns #11 in the Stainless Steel Rat series.

Jennifer Chiaverini A Quilter's Holiday #15 in the Elm Creek Quilts novels.


Don't bother reading the instructions...

...just go by the illustrations.
The instructions read: "Screw in all 16 camlocks (K) into the end leg frames (D) and the underside of the top piece (A)." I pushed the 4 camlocks into the leg frames but the holes in the top piece were not the right size for camlocks. So I go to the Parts page and the camlocks are listed as "J", not "K". "K" was cambolts, which do indeed screw into the holes on the top piece as well as the end legs. It didn't take long to put together after that.

This morning I went for a short sixty minute hike through Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge.

I parked by the Oaks Amusement Park entrance and hiked through the woods to where it branches off to the north parking lot (where I park when I stop for a quick hike on the way home from work) or down to the 40 mile bike loop. I went down to the 40 mile bike loop because it loops back to where my truck was parked! Sadly, it didn't start to sprinkle until I was driving back home. :( And now the sun is out once again.

day or night

My first thought on seeing the clock read 5:30 - Wow, I actually slept past 3 am for once!
Only as I rolled out of bed and saw the light coming from under the bathroom door did I realize that it was 5:30 pm and I was waking from an afternoon nap!
That 2 hour nap was refreshing but I"m left wondering how well I'll sleep tonight?

I'm reading again!!!

I forgot how much I love those crafty cozy mysteries until I read the whole Candle-making mystery quartet by Tim Myers in 2 days! He writes under 3 other names as well and I reached the hold limit at the Library again!
I'm reading Spider Bones by Kathy Reichs at home as well as Sins and Needles by Monica Ferris at work.

I heard this song on the radio this morning and it's been running through my head ALL DAY!

Yeah, I'm such a nice guy I just had to share! :D

The week in Music

Songfacts: The song's promo, which was directed by Tim Pope, won MTV's Best Music Video award in 1992. (Embed was disabled on that version)
This was used as the main theme song for the 2009 movie He's Just Not That into You.

Weekend bonus: Working for the WeekendCollapse )

The week in Music

Songfacts: Donovan grew up in Scotland. His family moved to England when he was 10. He is considered one of the first Folk Rock artists.
One of my coworkers was named after his song Jennifer Juniper.

The week in Music

Songfacts: In the late 80's Amos was in a hair metal band called "Y Kant Tori Read?" that included future Guns 'n' Roses drummer Matt Sorum.

The week in Music

Songfacts: This was written by lead singer Justin Hayward: "I sat down in a field, smoked a funny African cigarette, and that song just came out. It was a Tuesday afternoon." Hayward had a dog named Tuesday. Although he had nothing to do with the song, the dog would respond to his name whenever Hayward played this.

The week in Music

It's a 12 hour day at work today after a restless night with about 4 hours sleep. :( Plus it's supposed to hit 95+ degrees again which means another triple digit day in the bakery. I would so like to call in sick.
The radio just reported that Trimet is reducing the speed of the MAX trains by 5-10 mph because of sagging power lines due to the heat.

Songfacts: Prince wrote this under the name "Christopher." He gave it to The Bangles because he liked the band, and it became their first hit.

bonus video because it's Star Trek!

Someone is spending way too much time on youtube lately! :D

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