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Happy National Bubba Day!!

National Bubba Day is always June 2nd and honors anyone named or called Bubba. To qualify to be honored today, your name can be formally, or informally "Bubba". You can even take on the name "Bubba" for just the day. That way everyone can celebrate this day.

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I called Mom at 7 pm tonight:
Mom: Hello
Me: I forgot to tell you I was hiking up Saddle Mountain today. It's getting dark and I'm starting down now.
Mom: WHAT??? You've got to be kidding me!
Mom & I together: April Fools!
Mom: You are the only one who has gotten me today. I am going to get you back. You are in so much trouble. I'm going to get you.
I did pass Saddle Mountain on the way to Seaside today but didn't stop. I stopped at the leather shop and bought 2 leather coats for $20 each, then at the hat shop I picked up a summer hiking hat, though that was $30 but it will definitely be a lot cooler than the black wool hat I use now. It also has a strap to keep the wind from blowing it off the top of my head which worked out very well on my long walk down the beach. I do have pictures of Cannon Beach to post later.
I bought 3 books from the bookstore in Cannon Beach. An autographed copy of Alphabet of Dreams by Susan Fletcher (local author!) based in the Persian and Roman Empires of the first century AD, The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman about the first days of World War I, and Echoes of Eagles by Charles Woolley also about World War I and America's first fighter pilots.
And I got the truck washed once I got back home! I also have one empty gas tank already but hey, I had fun. Except for that person doing 5 mph below the speed limit until they got to a passing lane and then sped up to 10 mph over the limit so no one could pass them. That was so irritating.

more books

Between the title and the cover art, how can you NOT pick up this book? And then, because the coupon is buy 2, get 1 free and you can never have too many books to read, I picked up the first two books in what sounds like a hilarious sci-fi series about Alien Super-being Exterminator, Katherine "Kitty" Kat. Comic book cliches and sci-fi movie parodies referencing Men in Black, Ghost Busters, and X-Men in the reviews has me thinking of the Xanth novels by Piers Anthony so I thought I'd give them a try.
Then I stopped by the Library to pick up a couple items and the Librarian gave me a new (for me) mystery series recommendation. The Pendergast series, written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, has the 11th book coming out this year and features the eccentric FBI agent, Aloysius Pendergast as the main character. The first book, Relic, was made into a movie though I have never seen it. Now all I have to do is finish the two dozen books I already have out and I can start on these! haha

January books

I'm going to do something a little different with monthly book posts this year. I'm thinking I'll do the best book(s) I've read for the last month and the most anticipated new book(s) I'm looking forward to reading this month. Plural books because I may end up with one mystery, one fantasy, one science fiction, etc. Way too tough to choose otherwise. lol

So the best books I read in December were
1) David Weber's Hell Hath No Fury - science fiction genre. This is the second book in his multiverse series written with Linda Evans. The civilization of Aracana has been exploring the Portals leading to parallel worlds for 200 years. Armed with their magical spells and crossbows, they have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles and many, many worlds away from their home universe when the unthinkable happens: they meet another civilization also exploring the portals. Neither side knows who fired the first shot nor do they understand each others technology or how far each side is from reinforcements.
I so want the third book to read. He left a cliffhanger of an ending and I want to know how she gets out of it!

2) Lisa Lutz's Spellman series The Spellman Files, Curse of the Spellmans, Revenge of the Spellmans, The Spellmans' Strike Back - mystery genre. Meet the Spellmans - Mom and Dad own and operate their own private investigation firm and their offspring are on the payroll. The main character is the daughter, 28-year-old Isabel Spellman, who started with the firm when she was 12. They're hilarious and for once, not murder mysteries. For instance, Izzy has a new boyfriend and the parents want to know who he is. Asking is too easy so they follow her. And the easiest way to follow someone at night is to break their taillight! Izzy comes out of her parents house and sees her broken taillight, goes to the garage and comes back with a hammer. After all, the easiest way to spot someone tailing you is if they only have one headlight *smash* I hear they may make a movie out of this series, or they are, or did...
By the way, I happen to disagree about the broken taillight - it's too easy for the person driving to notice that someone broke their taillight. Instead, drill a small hole in the middle of the lens. It's less noticeable by the driver than a broken one but the light escaping from the hole makes it easy to tail. No, I am not a stalker, I think I picked up that tip from the Nameless Detective series. :)

The most anticipated book coming in Jan. is The Sentry by Robert Crais - mystery genre. I think it's #14 in his Elvis Cole/Joe Pike series, private investigators in southern Cali.

I'm currently on the last Martha's Vineyard book by Cynthia Riggs and have a few series of books from the Library to choose from next before my books arrive:
1)Nancy Bush, local author!!! 3 books about Jane Kelly, a PI on a par with Stephanie Plum (Janet Evanovich)
2)Sharon Kahn, culinary mystery!!! 6 books about Ruby, a rabbi's wife and baker in Eternal, Texas
3)D. R. Meredith, mystery reading group!!! 5 books about a Book club.
4) two other first books in series, another local author about a fictitious zoo and a computer mystery.
Tough choices but I'm only on the 4th chapter so I've got time to decide! Which series sounds better to you?

a little excitement at work

"We may be doing an evacuation," the foreman says not quite halfway through my shift. "Don't panic but the (road) construction crew outside hit a gas main and the (upstairs) office is filling up with a terrible gas smell. They have several fire trucks out there monitoring and we'll see what happens."
No evacuation and no explosion but talking to the secretaries upstairs while picking up my paycheck after work, it sounds like they should have been sent away from the office. The company across the street did get evacuated for several hours. Guess it depended on which way the wind blew.

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My buddy and I both got new cars and he's raggin' me about how he can drive circles around me because his car is so fast. "Prove it, dude, let's drag race." So we're waiting for the light to turn green. He's in first gear, revving the engine, raring to pop the clutch and make me eat his dust. I have a built in clutch so I'm in L), lunge with my foot on the brake but ready to floor it. The light changes and we're off. He peels out and starts shifting gears - second, third, fourth. I shift to D), drag and stay right with him. Neck and neck we're flying down the street, neither one of us able to take the lead but I have one gear left and I shift to R), race...

Silver Creek Falls

With a record rainfall earlier this week and two days with over an inch of rain, I thought that this would be a great time to hike the 8 mile loop and view the waterfalls around Silver Creek. How little did I know...
The digital display in Silverton read 32 degrees, right at the freezing level, so I knew the trails might be icy.

Candy Cane Lane

I inadvertently timed it perfectly. The sun was hitting the spray from South Falls to make rainbows! Collapse )

Saddle Mountain

Yesterday's hike was 20 miles from Seaside at Saddle Mountain. There was a forecast of sunny skies so the view should be terrific! Starting at an elevation of 1680 feet above sea level, the trail climbs to 3283 feet in a 2.5 mile challenging hike. (and I have to admit I'm a bit sore today)
Collapse )