James (katsurian) wrote,


I've been thinking of remodeling the kitchen for a while now so today I measured, designed, and double-checked spaces for my dream kitchen! I'm getting tired of either bending over the kitchen table to roll out cookie/bread/pastry dough or hitting my head on the overhead cupboards. Now I've just got to call around for estimates since I'm not about to try this one as a do-it-yourself project.
I'm also planning on putting a hardwood floor in one room in the basement and turning it into an office. Adding an electric plug should be the only problem.
Rewallpapering the bedroom and painting also shouldn't be a problem, just messy, if I haven't talked myself out of it by then!!!

I got the garage cleaned out today, new wheels on the table saw, and the wood pile sorted! Guess that explains why I didn't get the gingerbread cake made. Probably just as well since I've still got cookies left.
I've added two more piles of yard debris to what's already waiting to be disposed of one week at a time. That will probably take 'til May or the end of April and I've still got one more line of hedges to trim.

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