James (katsurian) wrote,

March books

Here's the list of books I read in March.
There are 2 authors I haven't read before this month: Lisa Gardner & Cecelia Ahern. I enjoyed both books in Lisa Gardner's Bobby Dodge series and already have 2 other books of Cecelia Ahern's on my tbr stack!
The other 15 authors are the latest books released, the next book in the series that I haven't read & finally found, or, as in the case of Camille Minichino, just found out I missed the release of the next book in the series and now have two to read!
# Author Title Pages Rating Genre
1 India Ink Blush with Death 274 7 Mystery
2 Lisa Gardner Alone 324 7 Mystery
3 Trudi Canavan Last of the Wilds 558 7 Fantasy
4 Elizabeth Moon Command Decision 384 8 Science Fiction
5 Trudi Canavan Voice of the Gods 574 8 Fantasy
6 Robert Crais The Watchman 292 8 Mystery
7 Claudia Bishop Ground to a Halt 242 6 Mystery
8 Leslie Caine Killed By Clutter 337 7 Mystery
9 Alex Archer Forbidden City 349 8 Fantasy
10 Lisa Gardner Hide 375 8 Mystery
11 William G. Tapply Gray Ghost 257 7 Mystery
12 India Ink Glossed and Found 257 7 Mystery
13 Joanne Fluke Key Lime Pie Murder 342 7 Mystery
14 Patricia Sprinkle Death on the Family Tree 348 7 Mystery
15 Rett MacPherson Died in the Wool 226 7 Mystery
16 Susan Wittig Albert Dead Man's Bones 291 7 Mystery
17 Nancy Fairbanks French Fried 290 7 Mystery
18 Cecelia Ahern PS I Love You 375 9 Fiction
19 Camille Minichino The Nitrogen Murder 274 7 Mystery
20 Patricia Sprinkle Guess Who's Coming to Die? 277 7 Mystery
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