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I've been as busy as a bee in a meadow of spring wild flowers this last couple weeks but things are finally calming down.
The trip to Spokane for Sue's wedding was good. Three or four hours sleep each night didn't leave me well prepared for the seven hour drive back home though. Three whole days and I didn't finish the only book I took up there with me though I brought a dozen back with me!
Not to mention a couple interesting Pirate games!
Pirateer - Vast treasure, fast ships and cutthroat rivals await you on the seas of Pirateer, the fast-paced strategy game where fortunes turn on pirate skullduggery and a roll of the dice. Game: Ages 8 through adult, 2 to 4 players, 15 to 30 minutes.
Pirates - There are 9 different Pirates Constuctible games, each pack containing 2 ships or 1 ship and 1 sea monster, 1 whirlpool/island card, 1 crew or treasure card for a basic game. Add more packs and players for even more fun!

This reminds me of the island the Abhorsen House stands on in the Garth Nix trilogy:

Lots of overtime this week since I got back, getting home for a couple hours before falling into that sleep number bed that I never realized was so comfortable until sleeping on a hotel mattress, then getting up and doing it all over again for six straight days. I did manage to finish four quick reading books mainly on breaks and lunches. The latest in Jo Dereske's librarian Helma Zukas series, Catalogue of Death, was pretty good. Though this line I had to reread several times: "Helma sat squeezed between Ruthie, her mother, and Auntie Em." Um, excuse me? Is she in two places at once? Then I started Laura Durham's Annabelle Archer wedding planner series. I loved this series! Very amusing characters, especially Kate's mangled expressions.

Thursday was the May new product launch for Melaleuca which turned out to be mostly Nicole Miller skin care/cosmetic products. Ha, mostly a waste of time for me though I'll get the sunscreen/sunblock with an SPF 45. It's supposed to block all UVA/UVB rays and last 80 minutes in the water! Most of the talk was for people who were making a business out of it and brought someone to hear about the company instead of people like me, just buying the products because they're all natural, environmentally friendly and cheaper than store bought equivalents! As an added bonus, the ones I've used so far work better than what I was using!

I finished fixing the bike for Alexa so I'm off to deliver that before hitting the Craftsman sale at Sears this evening!

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