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book finished :A Crossworder's Delight

I just finished #11 A Crossworder's Delight by Nero Blanc. I rate it a 7.
On the day after Thanksgiving, everyone in Newcastle, Massachusetts, gathers 'round to deck the halls of the beloved Paul Revere Inn, noted, among other things, for the signed copy of Longfellow's poem about the patriot. In the midst of the holiday revelry, Belle finds something very special indeed - a handmade, and obviously unused, book of dessert recipes written in the form of crosswords, dedicated from mother to daughter. Movie and song references in the clues date the book to 1945, the midst of the second world war. How did such a sumptuous treasure come to be abandoned?
While Belle follows the book's trail, some foul play is added to the mix - as the inn's "revered" icon goes missing and the owners call Rosco to investigate. A twelve-year-old boy named E.T. Whitman, thrilled to have fellow wordaholics to talk to, is eager to assist, although his constant punning can make him more of a hindrance than a help. At first, Belle and Rosco think the case is a piece of cake, and gently roll their eyes at the fantastic scenarios that E.T. is cooking up to explain the theft. But in this case, they might just measure up to the truth...
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