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April books

A little late with April's book list. Almost all mysteries this month with Jane Lindskold being the exception. The ending left me wondering what's next and according to her website, it looks like the next one, Wolf's Blood, is the last in the series. Couldn't wait, so it's on hold at the Library! I really enjoyed Jerrilyn Farmer's Madeline Bean series, reading all 7 books in 9 days.
April Book Report
# Author Title Pages Rating Genre
1 Camille Minichino The Oxygen Murder 244 7 Mystery
2 Jerrilyn Farmer Sympathy For the Devil 248 8 Mystery
3 Jerrilyn Farmer Immaculate Reception 242 8 Mystery
4 Jerrilyn Farmer Killer Wedding 244 8 Mystery
5 Jerrilyn Farmer Dim Sum Dead 248 8 Mystery
6 Jerrilyn Farmer Mumbo Gumbo 335 8 Mystery
7 Jerrilyn Farmer Perfect Sax 289 8 Mystery
8 Jerrilyn Farmer The Flaming Luau of Death 263 8 Mystery
9 Susan McBride Blue Blood 333 7 Mystery
10 Susan McBride The Good Girl's Guide to Murder 353 7 Mystery
11 Evelyn David Murder Off the Books 284 7 Mystery
12 Cleo Coyle On What Grounds 275 7 Mystery
13 Jane Lindskold Wolf Hunting 605 7 Fantasy
14 Cleo Coyle Through the Grinder 275 7 Mystery
15 Cleo Coyle Latte Trouble 243 7 Mystery
16 Cleo Coyle Murder Most Frothy 257 7 Mystery
17 Susan McBride The Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club 332 7 Mystery
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