James (katsurian) wrote,


I've been getting ready to make some changes in the kitchen by putting in a convection/microhood over the stove, replacing the grout & tile countertop, taking out the overhead cupboards over the counter, and installing some lights.
I also want to put some wood flooring in a basement room which I'll make my den/office.
Dad was coming over this morning to help me get the seven feet of cupboards down & moved out to the garage so I'm clearing out the space they're going and what do I see on the floor - mud tubes. Mud tubes? That means termites. Nonononono, there's no termites here. Um, yes, evidently I have subterranean termites. The exterminator is now coming out next week but meanwhile...RAID. Kill, Destroy, Massacre. Okay, getting a little carried away there! It doesn't look like they've gotten to the wood yet...maybe. The tubes haven't made it that far anyway. Guess I'll find out next week!
So we got the cupboards down, moved to the garage and wow, what a difference in opening up the room. Looks good. Finished the spackling and sanding, I have to go down and match the paint tomorrow so I can paint and that'll just leave the countertops and electrical - which I think I'll leave to the professionals! What's this wire do? ZAP Oops :-)

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