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Cyclist Log
Trip Date: 0705.22 (Happy Birthday, Julie)
M292 Trip to Mom's to drop off the jacket Kainoa left at my place this morning. Kehau (third grade) says she needs the new book, Fairest by Carson Gail Levine and the school & county Libraries don't have it. County has it, now she needs her own Library Card instead of using her mother's! While online, I found my 3 books were in so I rode down and picked them up. Quincannon's Game by Bill Pronzini is an 1890's San Francisco western/mystery short stories, Dead and Berried by Karen MacInerney is the second Gray Whale Inn mystery, & Murder on Monday by Ann Purser is the first Lois Meade mystery. Another 16.5 miles and no broken spokes!!!!!!!! 62 miles so far! :-)

I don't like this new iTunes update -, every song starts bogging down like a skipping record. It doesn't do that with Windows Media Player.
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