James (katsurian) wrote,

Rogue Angel

M350 Rode over to Mom's and played chauffer for the journey back from her eye doctor appointment. Dilated eyes and brilliant sunshine do not make a good driving mix. I returned home to find a box from Amazon on the front porch. My Rogue Angel book is here!!! :D And finished! Another very good book in the series as Annja and a young woman are chased across the planet by a petroleum company for the lost scrolls of Atlantis, possibly containing details of an ancient and powerful energy source. Fits rather neatly into the oil company conspiracy theory, doesn't it?
Invisible Prey by John Sandford is the other one I've been waiting for. It's more in the hard-boiled mysery or thriller category. It doesn't look like Lucas Davenport is searching for a serial killer in this one..they're looking for him! It's beginning to look a lot like...another late night tomorrow! (215 days 'til Christmas :)
Tags: bike trek

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