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May books

It's been a very long month at work so far. This is the first day I've gotten home with a little more time than to grab a bite to eat and fall into bed before having to get back to work.
May Book Report
# Author Title Pages Rating Genre
1 Susan McBride Night of the Living Deb 320 7 Mystery
2 Jo Dereske Catalogue of Death 324 7 Mystery
3 Laura Durham Better Off Wed 241 7 Mystery
4 Laura Durham For Better or Hearse 258 7 Mystery
5 Laura Durham To Love and to Perish 246 7 Mystery
6 Mitch Albom For One More Day 197 4 Fiction
7 Earlene Fowler Tumbling Blocks 299 8 Mystery
8 Mary Daheim The Alpine Recluse 315 7 Mystery
9 Jennifer Chiaverini The Quilter's Homecoming 309 7 Fiction
10 Susan Wittig Albert Bleeding Hearts 297 7 Mystery
11 Karen MacInerney Murder on the Rocks 281 6 Mystery
12 Jane Lindskold Wolf's Blood 540 8 Fantasy
13 Robert J. Randisi First Cases 266 7 Mystery
14 Wen Spencer Tinker 340 6 Science Fiction
15 Shirley Damsgaard Witch Way to Murder 292 7 Mystery
16 Shirley Damsgaard Charmed to Death 288 7 Mystery
17 Josepha Sherman & Tamora Pierce Young Warriors 312 8 Fantasy
18 Shirley Damsgaard The Trouble With Witches 292 7 Mystery
19 Alex Archer The Lost Scrolls 346 8 Fantasy

I read 19 books last month starting by finishing off Susan McBride's Debutante Dropout mystery series form April. The new authors I've read this month are
Laura Durham has 3 books in her Annabelle Archer mystery series & I thoroughly enjoyed these books about a wedding planner in Washington DC.
Mitch Albom was a book club read. It didn't sound particularly interesting to me and I didn't care much for it.
Karen MacInerney has a 2nd book in her Gray Whale Inn series that I'll be reading. Some good recipes in the back of the book!
Wen Spencer has a sequel on this science fiction novel that I plan on reading just to see what happens next. The premise sounded good: a hyperphase gate has moved Pittsburgh onto the planet Elfhome in another dimension where magic is more prevalent than technology. For 24 hours every 28 days, Pittsburgh returns to Earth. Just before the 24 hour cycle begins, an elf is chased into Tinker's scrap yard by a pack of vicious wargs. It didn't live up to my expectations and the graphic love scenes were a big turn off. I won't be reading her other series.
Shirley Damsgaard has 3 books in her Ophelia and Abby mystery series with the 4th out in June and the 5th in Sept. Another series I completely enjoyed about a small town librarian and apprentice witch.
Robert Randisi edited an anthology of first cases of sleuths by well-known authors like Sue Grafton, Lawrence Block, Sara Paretsky, & Linda Barnes. Several authors I haven't read before but have added to my very lengthy list.

The rest were latest in series of authors I've enjoyed
Jo Dereske with her Minnesota librarian Helma Zukas was okay.
Earlene Fowler's latest Benni Harper mystery was very good.
Mary Daheim's "R" addition to he Emma Lord/Alpine series was pretty good.
Jennifer Chiaverini told the story of Sylvia's cousin Elizabeth and her journey to California in the 1920's in the latest Elm Creek novel. I found it a little disappointing compared to some of the other books but still a good story overall.
Susan Wittig Albert continues her China Bayles herb & tea shop series.
Jane Lindskold finished off her fantasy series of Firekeeper, a young woman raised by sentient wolves, very well.
Alex Archer has the latest Rogue Angel book and once again I read it the same day I got it and was not disappointed. Another very good book.

I'm currently reading Ann Purser's Lois Meade mystery series.
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