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Water, water everywhere

Today I went out to fix the water leak in the camper. Ha, forgot to mention that incident in the Great Cape Adventure, didn't I? Set the camper up as usual - electrical and water hookups, turn them on, switch the fridge to electric from gas, and level the camper. When we went to grab stuff for lunch 10 minutes later I had water all over the floor. It seems one of the pipes busted in the ice storm last winter. Grabbed a bath towel and spent the next 15 minutes and numerous trips in and out drying up the floor. Glad it wasn't a dry camping trip 'cause I had no water!

Pulled what I thought was the busted pipe off but couldn't see where it was cracked so I put it back on, tightened it down, and hooked up the water to see exactly which pipe was leaking. Turned the water on and no leaks...huh? Just a loose connection? After 4 hours with the water pressure on full and no water on the floor, I guess so. I could have had water!!! If I'd only known... :(

Here's more pictures of Pacific City.
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