James (katsurian) wrote,

They're here!!

So much for the book I started this morning. Amazon strikes again! My books came this afternoon and I've just finished the latest Rogue Angel book! Very, very good! :D Annja Creed searches for Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer) in the latest Rogue Angel edition, God of Thunder. Now I've got a few more of those "gotta read first" books before getting back to the latest "cleaning off the tbr shelves" series.
It's also about time for one of my monster Honor Harrington rereading sessions. David Weber's released three books, the first in another new series and 2 coauthored in a new Multiverse series this year but none in the Honor Harrington or HH Universe series. Okay, Wikipedia shows a sequel to the HH Universe series as early 2008 with a chance of late 2007. And the second book in his Safehold series is also due in early 2008 with the third being due - I got a good laugh from this one - no date known, likely end of '08 early '09 the way Weber writes.

A nonworking day spent on the computer and reading left the pedometer with 2.25 miles on it.

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