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What a dilemma...

I have just finished all the books I'm in the middle of and now I have to choose what to read next. Easy, right? Okay, here's my choices:
1. #4 Windfall by Rachel Caine. The 4th book in the Weather Warden series. A Fantasy novel.
2. #4 Hula Done It? by Maddy Hunter. The 4th book in the Passport to Peril series. A Mystery novel.
3. Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. I need to read this book for bookwyrmmes. It's the Nov. science fiction book for the month. It's due back at the library on the 22.
4. Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling. This book is also due back to the library on the 22.

So, which one do I read? lol I'm taking the last (so far) Retrieval Artist book #4 Buried Deep to work with me tonight.
I only have 13 days to read the 2 library books. Evidently, the book discussion on Anansi Boys won't start until at least Fri. so I should be able to read that one on Sat. or Sun., depending on which night I get off. The Harry Potter book should only take a couple days to read.
Mom wants Hula Done It? as soon as I get done with it but Windfall sounds really, really good so I guess I've solved today's crisis. Windfall, Hula Done It?, Anansi Boys, and then Harry Potter, in that order by next Wed. No problem! :-)

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