James (katsurian) wrote,

Oil vs. Water

As in which one will we run out of first. I received an email stating that we'll run out of usable water before we run out of oil. This was one of those FWDed emails from someone who just passes things on without checking the facts. I live between 3 rivers that have never been in danger of running dry. Flooding, yes but not running low. So I didn't believe it and did some research online and found that there is a water problem in much of the world.
According to the BBC, underground water tables are falling by 3 metres a year and many of the arid countries with growing populations will soon run out of water. In Arizona, the water is being pumped out faster than it's being replaced. China uses 1000 tons of water to grow 1 ton of grain so we may be growing hungry as well as thirsty.

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