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Mail Mountain

At the end of every month I say that I will never let the mail pile up again and it seems that by the end of every month I have this huge mountain of mail to go through. Excepting, of course, the boxes from Amazon that I look forward to receiving! :) J. A. Jance & Jasper Fforde came today!!!!! Along with a free Gilette razor in the mail!! Oh yeah, that and a comb are the two things I really, really need and use every day!

Desk cleared off, tomorrow's itinerary planned out, and the evening's not quite over yet. Ack, laundry, knew there was something I wasn't done with yet.

Anyone want some swifts? Free to anyone who wants to come and get them!!! :D It seems I've got a nest in my chimney this year and the little chicks are very noisy at dinnertime...and lunchtime, breakfast, snacktime, and several times in between. Chimney cleaning and capped next month or Sept. whenever the birds fly away.

Somehow, I once again have 3 books I'm in the middle of reading. I can't imagine how that could have happened! *grin*
Piers Anthony's Split Infinity is the first of seven in his Apprentice Adept series. On the technological world of Proton, someone is trying to kill Stile, the master Gamesman. But he escapes through a mysterious shimmering curtain of energy to find himself on a planet ruled by magic. He soon learns that his alternate self, on this world, has already been murdered and he was due to be the next victim. It seems that he can only survive on this planet by using magic. But if he uses magic, his only two friends on the planet - a unicorn and a werewolf - have sworn to kill him. ¥I've been reading this one at work the last two days but find I want to finish it now that I have a day off. Pretty good book & I've got the rest of the series on hold at the Library!
Cleo Coyle's (Alice Kimberly) Decaffeinated Corpse is the latest coffeehouse mystery. Not a keeper series but they're an enjoyable cozy.
Cecelia Ahern's Love, Rosie (also titled: Rosie Dunne & Where Rainbows End) is the other book I'm reading - a little bit at a time. I'm not entirely thrilled with the writing style - starts out as grade school notes passed between Rosie and her best friend Alex, progresses very quickly to postcards, e-mails, and Instant Messages in high school and beyond. Like books that use a diary format, a little goes a long way for me and this book is close to 500 pages long. Loved the other 2 books of hers I've read though and there's definitely lots of humor in this one so I'm not giving it up yet. ¥I'm on Chapter 4! :D
As for Book #4, the latest Beaumont book by J. A. Jance is what I'm reading and finishing tomorrow whether I finish Split Infinity or not! That's if I don't break down and read it tonight!

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