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July books

Despite the slow start at the beginning of the month I managed to read 17 books, 10 of them in the last 11 days!
July Book Report
# Author Title Pages Rating Genre
1 Laurie R. King The Art of Detection 495 6 Mystery
2 C. J. Box Open Season 278 3 Mystery
3 Alina Adams Murder on Ice 286 4 Mystery
4 Alina Adams On Thin Ice 239 4 Mystery
5 Alina Adams Axel of Evil 216 4 Mystery
6 Alina Adams Death Drop 233 4 Mystery
7 Alex Archer God of Thunder 348 8 Fantasy
8 Elizabeth Bright Invitation to Murder 214 7 Mystery
9 Elizabeth Bright Deadly Greetings 233 7 Mystery
10 Elizabeth Bright Murder & Salutations 229 7 Mystery
11 Cecelia Ahern If You Could See Me Now 306 8 Fiction
12 Terri Farley The Horse Charmer 281 7 YA
13 Marcia Muller Vanishing Point 334 8 Mystery
14 Marcia Muller The Ever-Running Man 312 8 Mystery
15 Piers Anthony Split Infinity 354 7 Science Fiction
16 J. A. Jance Justice Denied 371 8 Mystery
17 Cleo Coyle Decaffeinated Corpse 273 6 Mystery
The Art of Detection was the fifth and latest book in the Kate Martinelli series. She's a police detective in San Francisco.
Open Season is the first in the Joe Pickett series. He's a game warden in Wyoming. I didn't care for this one & won't be reading any more in the series.
Alina Adams wrote the four books in A Figure-Skating mystery series. I probably won't be reading more in this series.
Alex Archer's Rogue Angel: God of Thunder is another fantastic book in the series. Looking forward to the eighth one in Sept.!!!
Elizabeth Bright's three books in A Card-Making series was pretty good. She's actually Tim Myers in disguise and I'll be looking for the 3 series he writes under his own name.
Terri Farley started another YA horse series about a horse ranch in Hawaii. Loaning these to my niece.
Marcia Muller was the latest 2 books in her Sharon McCone series. Very good series about a PI in San Francisco if you need a 25 book series to start. :)
Split Infinity is the first of seven books in the Apprentice Adept series. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading the next one in the series.
Justice Denied is the eighteenth and latest in the J. P. Beaumont series. Another very good book in a great series.
Decaffeinated Corpse is the fifth and latest coffeehouse mystery.
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