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This commercial brought to you by

Why spend thousands of dollars on unneeded exercise equipment or even hundreds of dollars every year on health club dues when you can get all the exercise you need and enjoy yourself doing it with...Nintedo Wii Sports. That's right folks, a video game system that gives you a whole body workout.

Mom left me a message yesterday that they bought a Wii (pronounced We, not Why like I keep doing) and to stop by after work to try it out. (She wanted to beat me at Bowling! and Golf!) So I figured thirty minutes to an hour then I'd leave and get some needed things done at home. Four hours later we'd tried them all: Bowling, Golf, Tennis, Boxing, and Baseball. And boy, am I sore today! :D It was a lot of fun but I'm not going to get one because I've got enough addictions already and not enough time for all of them as it is!!! lol Besides, the stores can't keep them in stock long enough for me to get one!

Checking out my work schedule for this week and I'm shocked. I've actually got a weekend off, Saturday and Sunday. Without asking for it. Too bad I didn't know beforehand. Now it's too late and everyone already has plans. :( Poor, poor pitiful me - Linda Rondstat, I think, and again by Terri Clark.

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