James (katsurian) wrote,

The bodies are turning up early this month...

...in some of the August mystery books. They're finding it in the first chapter so you've got the whole book to figure out whodunit!

The opening of Donna Andrews' latest Meg Langslow gives Meg a double surprise:
"Meg! Guess what I found in your basement?"
I looked up from the box I was unpacking to see Dad standing in the basement doorway, his round face shining with excitement.
"A body?" An unlikely guess, but Dad was a big mystery buff--perhaps if I amused him, he'd stop playing guessing games on moving day.
"Oh, rats--you already knew? Well, how soon will the police get here? I need to move the penguins--we don't want them any more upset than they already are."
He disappeared down the basement stairs without waiting for an answer. I abandoned my
unpacking to call after him.
"Dad? I was joking. Did you really find a body? And why are there penguins in our basement? Dad!"

I started the latest Chocoholics mystery, The Chocolate Jewel Case, by JoAnna Carl while standing in line at the grocery store and found another one:
Just when I finally found fifteen minutes for myself, the dead man came to the door.

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