James (katsurian) wrote,

A guy called my brother for something he had on Craig's List, said he was on his way over from Powell (about 12 miles away) but had no way to haul it home. So Jeff called Dad to borrow his truck and 3 hours later he got it back home. While the guy told them he was leaving now, he hadn't told them he was riding a bicycle.

I guess it's not enough that we're working 6 days next week, 2nd shift wants me to stay an extra 4 hours to help them out too. Sorry, Charlie, we're in the same boat you are with not enough qualified people on our shift next week either. In the words of "Bones" McCoy, "I'm a baker, not a doctor." I don't have any patients! (Ok, his words from The Devil in the Dark episode were "I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer."

I finished off New Moon and Thin Air on the evening before my day off and read one whole chapter yesterday in Joanne Pence's culinary mysteries! Ha, too busy playing Wii with the kids...and the adults! I also managed to blow up my bike! Well, not like exploding blowing it up but I fried the battery pack. Riding down the very bumpy road, the metal battery charging plug bounced and skittered, landing on the positive and negative terminals of two separate 12 volt batteries. Fire in the hole or rather fire made the hole but it put itself out after destroying one battery. So a new battery and a different battery arrangement so it can't happen again and I'm up and running! I mean riding!

Snapple's Mango Green Tea was an interesting drink. Doesn't take the place of water and I wouldn't want to drink it all the time but it was good. And the Peppermint chocolate chip cookies, chocolate pudding mint chip cookies, brownies, and banana bread are now done. Need to add a bit more flour to the peppermint cookies - they're still a little flat.

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