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August books

August Book Report
# Author Title Pages Rating Genre
1 Stephenie Meyers Twilight 498 8 YA
2 Wen Spencer Wolf Who Rules 356 7 Science Fiction
3 Piers Anthony Blue Adept 327 6 Fantasy
4 Piers Anthony Juxtaposition 358 6 Fantasy
5 JoAnna Carl The Chocolate Jewel Case 228 4 Mystery
6 Rachel Caine Thin Air 309 7 Fantasy
7 Stephenie Meyers New Moon 563 7 YA
8 Joanne Pence Something's Cooking 328 5 Mystery
9 Joanne Pence Too May Cooks 343 5 Mystery
10 Joanne Pence To Catch a Cook 309 5 Mystery
11 Piers Anthony Out of Phaze 288 6 Science Fiction
12 Mary Daheim Scots on the Rocks 360 6 Mystery
13 Piers Anthony Robot Adept 341 6 Science Fiction
14 Cecelia Ahern Love, Rosie 488 7 Fiction
Stephenie Meyer's Twilight YA Fantasy series was very good and left me looking forward to the next one in the series. Vampires, werewolves, and high school.
Wen Spencer's Science Fiction sequel to Tinker, Wolf Who Rules was much better than the first book. Pittsburg is stuck in the Elfhome dimension.
Piers Anthony's Fantasy, the Apprentice Adept series is interesting. Magic and technology on parallel worlds of different dimensions. Bane and Mach, sons of Stile and Blue from the first trilogy, have found a way to once again cross the dimensions. I'm in the middle of the third book in this quartet.
JoAnna Carl's latest Chocoholics mystery was very disappointing. The lack of communication between Joe and Lee just to make it harder for Lee to solve the mystery was irritating and still way too easy to figure out. The chocolate trivia between chapters was very interesting.
Rachel Caine's latest Weather Warden series nicely finishes off the second set of trilogies in this Fantasy series while setting up the start for the next three books.
Joanne Pence's Angelina Amalfi culinary mystery series was not bad. Wealthy girl working different food related jobs and a homicide detective trying to keep her out of trouble. Some of the different food related jobs she comes up with are funny.
Mary Daheim's latest Bed & Breakfast mystery series was okay. Twenty-third book in the series with the same characters is getting a bit old but instead of their Seattle B&B, they're off on a Scottish vacation.
Cecelia Ahern's Love, Rosie was good. Written in the form of letters, emails, and instant messages, it's a book you can read a little bit at a time.
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