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My first two days back at work came complete with 5 hours of overtime, not leaving much time to add pictures to my LJ Scrapbook but here's the pictures and story I've gotten to so far.

Fortunately for us, Deadmans Pass did not prove prophetic in nature when we stopped there for lunch on the first day of our Great Grand Canyon Adventure.
The brisk wind at the viewpoint drives Mom to eat her sandwich in the car but Dad and I sit at a wooden picnic table in the sun to eat our lunch. I don't know what is on his sandwich but he isn't the only one to enjoy it. The last bite to go in his mouth has a yellow jacket on it which, not wanting to be eaten, stings the inside of his lip. We're hoping he's not allergic to bee stings being nowhere near a hospital nor knowing where the nearest one is but we're keeping a close eye on him.
Stopping for the night in Burley, Idaho things continue to go other than planned. Mom's Aunt and Uncle, whom I've never met, have an unexpected emergency come up and we don't get to visit with them. I wake up in the middle of the night with what I learn later was a migraine and upon waking in the morning find the car gone. I'm wondering if they forgot I was along on this vacation or, knowing that I don't usually eat breakfast, they went off to find a restaurant and will come back for me. Oh no, it's much worse than that. I get a phone call from Mom and the first thing she says is, "We're on our way back from the hospital." Hospital? It turns out that Dad has a slight allergy to bee stings and now has to carry medication with him in case he ever gets stung again. The doctor gave him some medicine and a prescription we can fill in Utah so we're on our way! They told me I'd get to share in the driving but this wasn't the way I had figured on getting behind the wheel of their new car.
Driving through Utah I once again miss my opportunity to get pictures of the Great Salt Lake! Oh well, third times a charm so I'll get them next time I pass through. A Wal-mart pharmacy in Ogden, Utah fills Dad's prescription and we decide to get lunch at a nearby Subway before hitting the road again. It's closed so they can pave their parking lot. On a Sunday? Evidently! Dad's electronic road gizmo shows two other Subways near the next freeway exit and they both turn out to be closed also. Are all Subways in Utah closed on Sunday? There's a Carl's Jr. Let's just get something there so we can get going. Mom's order of a chicken sandwich and a salad comes with only the sandwich. The guy goes back for the salad. Then the salad dressing. Then the fork. Four trips for one order! I wonder if that's a record or business as usual there but either way, I'm not planning to try another Carl's Jr.!
By this time, we know that there's no way we're going to see Kolob Canyons today and decide to see the Indian Petroglyphs in Parawon, Utah and stop for the night in Cedar City.

Our eventful adventure continues at 2:05 AM on the third day with the alarm in my room going off at full volume and being unable to get back to sleep once again try to connect with the motel's advertised wifi internet connection. Frustration at losing five out of seven posts and comments on LJ has me turning off the computer and into reading my book 'til they're ready to go. Someone other than them had set their alarm for 5:30 AM, a much more reasonable hour than mine, but still earlier than they had wanted to rise.
The plan for the day is to see both Kolob and Zion Canyons and stop for the night somewhere on our way to Bryce Canyon. And just how have our plans turned out so far? Missing the Kolob Canyons exit by four miles is all my fault and adds an extra 4 miles, okay 8, to our journey.
Spectacular scenery along the road with many viewpoints to stop at to take pictures

Out of the three hiking trails into the canyon, we choose the short Timber Creek Overlook Trail just before the thunderstorm hits. Lightning flashes over the mountains nearest us, thunder pounds in our ears, but very few raindrops fall as we make our way to the Overlook and back.

A chair outside the Farmer's Market in La Verkin, Utah where we stopped for lunch

and the mountain above that looks to me like a fortress overlooking the village that I read about in some of my fantasy novels!

I've got 68 pictures of Zion Canyon and 28 pictures of Bryce Canyon uploaded and will post about them tomorrow, er, later today!
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