James (katsurian) wrote,

September Books

Only 11 books read this month but the start of a couple good series.
Sept. Book Report
# Author Title Pages Rating Genre
1 Kathy Reichs Bone to Ashes 310 7 Mystery
2 Piers Anthony Unicorn Point 337 6 Science Fiction
3 Susan Wittig Albert Spanish Dagger 307 7 Mystery
4 Barbara Seranella Deadman's Switch 261 8 Mystery
5 Lynn Abbey Rifkind's Challenge 328 6 Fantasy
6 Livia J. Washburn A Peach of a Murder 251 7 Mystery
7 Linda O. Johnston Sit, Stay, Slay 295 7 Mystery
8 Susan Wittig Albert An Unthymely Death 254 7 Mystery
9 Lene Kaaberbol The Shamer's Daughter 235 6 YA
10 Piers Anthony Phase Doubt 302 7 Fantasy
11 Donna Andrews The Penguin Who Knew Too Much 262 8 Mystery

Most of the books this month are either the latest book in a series I'm reading or finishing up a series I've started.
Livia J. Washburn has a good start in her Fresh-Baked cozy mystery series. A retired school teacher and one of her boarders are competitors in the annual Peach Festival.
Linda O. Johnston is a series I'm holding judgment on. I like the characters but didn't like the motive for the first book. A suspended license lawyer turns to making a living by pet-sitting and renting out her Hollywood home.
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