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October books

I only managed 12 books this month with all the projects I've been trying to accomplish this month.

Alex Archer Fantasy His latest Rogue Angel, Secret of the Slaves wasn't as good as the other books in the series. Annja heads down into the South American rain forest to find a lost city inhabited by the descendants of runaway slaves who have futuristic technology.

Terri Farley YA The Shining Stallion is the second book in the Wild Horse Island series. My niece is reading the first book in this series. She's taking after her uncle by reading three books at a time! :D

William G. Tapply Mystery One-Way Ticket is the latest in his Brady Coyne series. The Boston attorney intercedes with a local loan shark for a client who swears he didn't borrow money from them. Things escalate when his client's son is kidnapped and Brady's ladyfriend is called to the bedside of her terminally ill father in California.

Stephenie Meyer YA Fantasy Eclipse is the third book in this series.

John Sandford Mystery Dark of the Moon is the first book (I hope) in the Virgil Flower series, a spin-off to his Lucas Davenport (Prey) series.

Sarah Andrews Mystery I've been looking forward to In Cold Pursuit since reading the author's Antartica blog where she was doing research for this book. I was not disappointed! This is not part of her Em Hanson series though she's called upon for advise by the graduate student who headed to Antartica for her thesis paper. Only to find that her professor has been arrested for murder and she wasn't supposed to be there. Only by proving her professor innocent before the next plane out will she be able to stay.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch Science Fiction Recovery Man is the latest Retrival Artist novel and I haven't been disappointed in this series yet.

Sarah Graves Mystery Trap Door and The Book of Old Houses are the latest two in her Home Repair is Homicide series. She seems to be heading more and more into the paranormal mystery with Jacobia seeing her ex-husband's ghost in the house and a two-hundred-year old book found deep in her basement wall with a complete list of all the owners of the house, including hers, written in blood.

Shirley Damsgaard Mystery The Witch Hunt and The Witch is Dead are the latest two in the Ophelia and Abby series. Another paranormal mystery with a psychic librarian, her witch grandmother, and her adopted daughter the medium.

Cara Black Mystery Murder in the Marais is the first of seven in the Aimee Leduc series. A private investigator is Paris, France who specialized in computer security, Aimee's drawn into the field when she discovers the body of a murdered woman.
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