James (katsurian) wrote,

You'd think that 6:30 am on a Saturday there wouldn't be any rush hour traffic going into town and there wouldn't have been if the front cars in all three lanes had not been traveling at 5 miles under the speed limit. As it was, it took me as long to get to work today as it does on a weekday. :(

I finished Murder at Yaquina Head, the first novel in a mystery series based in Newport, Oregon. It was pretty cool reading his descriptions of places and picturing them from previous visits I've made to the area. But it seems that the first book in the series is not the first adventure this college professor has had. There are numerous mentions of things that happened in a previous murder mystery he was involved in and book #2, Dead Whales Tell No Tales goes back and tells that tale. I'm very disappointed since most of the mystery is gone. I've learned what's going to happen from the first book.

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