James (katsurian) wrote,

new Wii game

After finishing cleaning up after the party I was finally able to get to try the Wii GT Pro Series racing video game. And I thought I knew how to drive! hahaha It's a good thing it doesn't show damage to the car as you crash into walls, barriers, and other cars because I somehow managed to do all three!! :D After each game it replays the race so you can see how well you drive *closes eyes in disbelief* I finally, after a half dozen times, managed to come in tenth place...out of twelve! I'm gonna have to practice this a lot! *grin*

I also did a little bowling but didn't do very well. No strikes at all the first game and only a couple the second game - didn't even come close to 200.
My brother is now looking for a Wii console but they are once again being sold out as fast as they get them in.
Tags: wii

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