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December books

I managed to read another 15 books in December - including 3 new authors!

The first book, Awakening, in Robin Wasserman's YA Chasing Yesterday trilogy has an edge of your seat ending. I'm looking forward to the next two.
Ron Lovell is a local author and I enjoyed recognizing all the places he describes in his books. The mysteries are a bit predictible and the publishing order is not the chronological order is his Thomas Martindale series which was a bit disappointing since the first published one, Murder at Yaquina Head, gives away much of what will happen in the second one. The reading order on the three books I've read so far are: Dead Whales Tell No Tales, Lights! Camera! Murder! and Murder at Yaquina Head. The locale, Newport, Or., is the main reason I'll keep reading this series.
K. J. Erickson writes the Marshall "Mars" Bahr mystery series about a Minneapolis homicide detective that are pretty good. Third Person Singular and The Dead Survivor, the two I read in December, are good books but The Last Witness (which I finished this month) is exceptional.

I finished Cara Black's Aimee Leduc Investigations series to date with Murder in Montmatre and Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis. Nice books but that's probably the end of the series for me.

The latest books in mystery series I've been keeping up with include:
Parnell Hall's latest in his Puzzle Lady series, You Have the Right too Remain Puzzled.
Livia J. Washburn's Fresh-Baked mystery, Murder by the Slice.
William G. Tapply and Philip R. Craig's Brady Coyne/J. W. Jackson series collaboration, Third Strike.

I also picked up Sammi Carter's Candy Shop mystery, Peppermint Twisted for the price of Amazon shipping. An okay series but not one I had planned on continuing. It has a nice peppermint fondant recipe!

Kristine Smith ends her Jani Killian science fiction series with Endgame.
Kristen Britain continues her Green Rider fantasy series with The High King's Tomb.
Stephen Brust's latest Vlad Taltos book, Dzur, was also good though, like Kristine Smith, it's been 4 years between books and my memory isn't what it used to be! I also think that Vlad was in the Viscount Of Adrilankha trilogy because of some of the references made in this book and I haven't read that trilogy...yet.
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