James (katsurian) wrote,

It only took 52 tries, okay a slight exaggeration but it was close to a dozen times, and most of the day to download the new mcafee security suite to the computer. :( I even tried booting in Safe mode, with all the startup options and unneeded services off and it still wouldn't download. I even tried the last resort of contacting their Tech Support Internet Chat. Still wouldn't work. Finally tried bypassing the wireless router and lo and behold, it installed! Now I"m wondering if the router is going out. :(
I did manage to watch disc three of SG-1 this afternoon in between trying to download the latest virus software but that's about it. No cleaning up the garage or kitchen, no trying out the new oven (though I did last night :), and no new projects started or existing projects worked on. I did get the laundry done last night along with the latest Rogue Angel book!

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