James (katsurian) wrote,

Books read in 2007

Not necessarily better late than never but here's my list of books read in 2007. My goal was to read no more than 180 books in 2007 and I came close to that - 12 over, 1 extra book a month.

# Author Title Genre
1 Carol O'Connell Finding Me Mystery
2 Sammi Carter Chocolate Dipped Death Mystery
3 Barbara Seranella Unwanted Company Mystery
4 Barbara Seranella Unfinished Business Mystery
5 Barbara Seranella No Man Standing Mystery
6 Barbara Seranella Unpaid Dues Mystery
7 Barbara Seranella Unwilling Accomplice Mystery
8 Barbara Seranella An Unacceptable Death Mystery
9 Dana Stabenow A Deeper Sleep Mystery
10 Vikki Hansen The 7 Secrets of Slim People NonFiction
11 Leslie Meier New Year's Eve Murder Mystery
12 Claudia Bishop The Case of the Roasted Onion Mystery
13 James A. Hetley Dragon's Teeth Fantasy
14 Charlaine Harris Dead Until Dark Mystery
15 Lawrence Watt-Evans The Misenchanted Sword Fantasy
16 Cathy Pickens Southern Fried Mystery
17 Cathy Pickens Done Gone Wrong Mystery
18 Alex Archer The Chosen Fantasy
19 Marianne MacDonald Faking It Mystery
20 J. B. Stanley A Killer Collection Mystery
21 J. B. Stanley A Fatal Appraisal Mystery
22 Debra Doyle & James D. MacDonald The Price of the Stars Science Fiction
23 Laura Levine This Pen for Hire Mystery
24 Trudi Canavan Priestess of the White Fantasy
25 Charlaine Harris Living Dead In Dallas Mystery
26 Charlaine Harris Club Dead Mystery
27 Charlaine Harris Dead to the World Mystery
28 Charlaine Harris Dead as a Doornail Mystery
29 Jonas Ward The Name's Buchanan Western
30 Michele Scott Murder Uncorked Mystery
31 Michele Scott Saddled with Trouble Mystery
32 Maggie L. Wood The Princess Mage YA
33 Anne George Murder on a Girl's Night Out Mystery
34 Mark Haddon The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Mystery
35 Michele Scott Murder by the Glass Mystery
36 India Ink Scent to her Grave Mystery
37 India Ink Blush with Death Mystery
38 Lisa Gardner Alone Mystery
39 Trudi Canavan Last of the Wilds Fantasy
40 Elizabeth Moon Command Decision Science Fiction
41 Trudi Canavan Voice of the Gods Fantasy
42 Robert Crais The Watchman Mystery
43 Claudia Bishop Ground to a Halt Mystery
44 Leslie Caine Killed By Clutter Mystery
45 Alex Archer Forbidden City Fantasy
46 Lisa Gardner Hide Mystery
47 William G. Tapply Gray Ghost Mystery
48 India Ink Glossed and Found Mystery
49 Joanne Fluke Key Lime Pie Murder Mystery
50 Patricia Sprinkle Death on the Family Tree Mystery
51 Rett MacPherson Died in the Wool Mystery
52 Susan Wittig Albert Dead Man's Bones Mystery
53 Nancy Fairbanks French Fried Mystery
54 Cecilia Ahern PS I Love You Fiction
55 Camille Minichino The Nitrogen Murder Mystery
56 Patricia Sprinkle Guess Who's Coming to Die? Mystery
57 Camille Minichino The Oxygen Murder Mystery
58 Jerrilyn Farmer Sympathy For the Devil Mystery
59 Jerrilyn Farmer Immaculate Reception Mystery
60 Jerrilyn Farmer Killer Wedding Mystery
61 Jerrilyn Farmer Dim Sum Dead Mystery
62 Jerrilyn Farmer Mumbo Gumbo Mystery
63 Jerrilyn Farmer Perfect Sax Mystery
64 Jerrilyn Farmer The Flaming Luau of Death Mystery
65 Susan McBride Blue Blood Mystery
66 Susan McBride The Good Girl's Guide to Murder Mystery
67 Evelyn David Murder Off the Books Mystery
68 Cleo Coyle On What Grounds Mystery
69 Jane Lindskold Wolf Hunting Fantasy
70 Cleo Coyle Through the Grinder Mystery
71 Cleo Coyle Latte Trouble Mystery
72 Cleo Coyle Murder Most Frothy Mystery
73 Susan McBride The Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club Mystery
74 Susan McBride Night of the Living Deb Mystery
75 Jo Dereske Catalogue of Death Mystery
76 Laura Durham Better Off Wed Mystery
77 Laura Durham For Better or Hearse Mystery
78 Laura Durham To Love and to Perish Mystery
79 Mitch Albom For One More Day Fiction
80 Earlene Fowler Tumbling Blocks Mystery
81 Mary Daheim The Alpine Recluse Mystery
82 Jennifer Chiaverini The Quilter's Homecoming Fiction
83 Susan Wittig Albert Bleeding Hearts Mystery
84 Karen MacInerney Murder on the Rocks Mystery
85 Jane Lindskold Wolf's Blood Fantasy
86 Robert J. Randisi First Cases Mystery
87 Wen Spencer Tinker Science Fiction
88 Shirley Damsgaard Witch Way to Murder Mystery
89 Shirley Damsgaard Charmed to Death Mystery
90 Josepha Sherman & Tamora Pierce Young Warriors Fantasy
91 Shirley Damsgaard The Trouble With Witches Mystery
92 Alex Archer The Lost Scrolls Fantasy
93 Ann Purser Murder on Monday Mystery
94 Ann Purser Terror on Tuesday Mystery
95 Ann Purser Weeping on Wednesday Mystery
96 Ann Purser Theft on Thursday Mystery
97 Ann Purser Fear on Friday Mystery
98 Ann Purser Secrets on Saturday Mystery
99 Karen MacInerney Dead and Berried Mystery
100 J. A. Hitchcock Net Crimes & Misdemeanors NonFiction
101 Kate Forsyth Heart of Stars Fantasy
102 Justine Larbalestier Magic or Madness YA
103 Justine Larbalestier Magic Lessons YA
104 Justine Larbalestier Magic Child YA
105 John Sandford Invisible Prey Mystery
106 Susan Beth Pfeffer Life As We Knew It YA
107 Bill Pronzini Quincannon's Game Mystery
108 Laurie R. King The Art of Detection Mystery
109 C. J. Box Open Season Mystery
110 Alina Adams Murder on Ice Mystery
111 Alina Adams On Thin Ice Mystery
112 Alina Adams Axel of Evil Mystery
113 Alina Adams Death Drop Mystery
114 Alex Archer God of Thunder Fantasy
115 Elizabeth Bright Invitation to Murder Mystery
116 Elizabeth Bright Deadly Greetings Mystery
117 Elizabeth Bright Murder & Salutations Mystery
118 Cecelia Ahern If You Could See Me Now Fiction
119 Terri Farley The Horse Charmer YA
120 Marcia Muller Vanishing Point Mystery
121 Marcia Muller The Ever-Running Man Mystery
122 Piers Anthony Split Infinity Science Fiction
123 J. A. Jance Justice Denied Mystery
124 Cleo Coyle Decaffeinated Corpse Mystery
125 Stephenie Meyers Twilight YA
126 Wen Spencer Wolf Who Rules Science Fiction
127 Piers Anthony Blue Adept Fantasy
128 Piers Anthony Juxtaposition Fantasy
129 JoAnna Carl The Chocolate Jewel Case Mystery
130 Rachel Caine Thin Air Fantasy
131 Stephenie Meyers New Moon YA
132 Joanne Pence Something's Cooking Mystery
133 Joanne Pence Too May Cooks Mystery
134 Joanne Pence To Catch a Cook Mystery
135 Piers Anthony Robot Adept Science Fiction
136 Piers Anthony Out of Phaze Science Fiction
137 Mary Daheim Scots on the Rocks Mystery
138 Piers Anthony Robot Adept Science Fiction
139 Cecelia Ahern Love, Rosie Fiction
140 Kathy Reichs Bone to Ashes Mystery
141 Piers Anthony Unicorn Point Science Fiction
142 Susan Wittig Albert Spanish Dagger Mystery
143 Barbara Seranella Deadman's Switch Mystery
144 Lynn Abbey Rifkind's Challenge Fantasy
145 Livia J. Washburn A Peach of a Murder Mystery
146 Linda O. Johnston Sit, Stay, Slay Mystery
147 Susan Wittig Albert An Unthymely Death Mystery
148 Lene Kaaberbol The Shamer's Daughter YA
149 Piers Anthony Phase Doubt Fantasy
150 Donna Andrews The Penguin Who Knew Too Much Mystery
151 Alex Archer Secret of the Slaves Fantasy
152 Terri Farley The Shining Stallion YA
153 William G. Tapply One-Way Ticket Mystery
154 Stephenie Meyer Eclipse YA
155 John Sandford Dark of the Moon Mystery
156 Sarah Andrews In Cold Pursuit Mystery
157 Kristine Kathryn Rusch Recovery Man Science Fiction
158 Sarah Graves Trap Door Mystery
159 Sarah Graves The Book of Old Houses Mystery
160 Shirley Damsgaard The Witch Hunt Mystery
161 Shirley Damsgaard The Witch is Dead Mystery
162 Cara Black Murder in the Marais Mystery
163 Jasper Fforde First Among Sequels Mystery
164 Cara Black Murder in Belleville Mystery
165 Cara Black Murder in the Sentier Mystery
166 Charlaine Harris An Icy Cold Grave Mystery
167 Mike Shepherd Kris Longknife: Audacious Science Fiction
168 Cara Black Murder in the Bastille Mystery
169 Maddy Hunter Norway to Hide Mystery
170 Cara Black Murder in Clichy Mystery
171 Claudia Bishop A Carol for a Corpse Mystery
172 Alex Archer Warrior Spirit Fantasy
173 Terri Farley Rain Forest Rose YA
174 Jennifer Chiaverini The New Year's Quilt Fiction
175 Leslie Caine Fatal Feng Shui Mystery
176 Dolores Johnson Taking the Wrap Mystery
177 Dolores Johnson Pressed to Kill Mystery
178 Cara Black Murder in Montmartre Mystery
179 Parnell Hall You Have the Right to Remain Puzzled Mystery
180 Kristen Britain The High King's Tomb Fantasy
181 Livia J. Washburn Murder by the Slice Mystery
182 William G. Tapply & Philip R. Craig Third Strike Mystery
183 Robin Wasserman Awakening YA
184 Sammi Carter Peppermint Twisted Mystery
185 Cara Black Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis Mystery
186 Kristine Smith Endgame Science Fiction
187 Ron Lovell Murder at Yaquina Head Mystery
188 Ron Lovell Dead Whales Tell No Tales Mystery
189 Ron Lovell Lights! Camera! Murder! Mystery
190 Steven Brust Dzur Science Fiction
191 K. J. Erickson Third Person Singular Mystery
192 K. J. Erickson The Dead Survivor Mystery


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