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January Books

Eleven books read last month including one new author.

Kelly McCullough's fantasy book, WebMage, was an interesting read combining magic and computers along with Greek mythology. A fun read.

I finished up Ron Lovell's Tom Martindale series with Murder Below Zero and don't plan on reading any more.

K. J. Erickson's Marshall "Mars" Bahr is another mystery series that I've gotten caught up with. Good books about a Minnesota homicide detective nicknamed The Candy Man - for obvious reasons! The Last Witness and Alone at Night were numbers three and four in the series and the ending of that last one really sent the chills down my spine.

Sue Grafton's T is for Trespass continues her Kinsey Milhone series.
J. A. Jance continues her Alison Reynold's blogger series with Web of Evil. (Yes I'm a little behind the times. Her third one in the series was just released.)

Robin Wasserman has a fantastic YA trilogy called Chasing Yesterdays. Betrayal and Truth concludes the story of Jane Doe, amnesiac extraordinaire. (Kind of a cross between TVs John Doe and Dark Angel :)

Alex Archer's latest Rogue Angel, Serpent's Kiss, was up to his usual standards, and, once again I read it straight through in one day!

I'm still reading Linda O. Johnston's pet-sitter mystery series, reading numbers two and three, Nothing to Fear but Ferrets and Fine-Feathered Death last month. I've already finished the fourth one and start the fifth tomorrow! Another fun reading series about a suspended lawyer in Los Angeles who takes up pet-sitting to make ends meet until she can get her law license back.

And I'm off to watch one Stargate: Atlantis episode before heading to bed. Early day at work tomorrow means I have to get up at 2 AM...which is when I used to go to lunch - 15 months ago!
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