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This is a little scary

Opened up Outlook to check my email accounts and as they're downloading one account says 13 minutes, another says 45 seconds, and a third says 16 minutes to get all the messages. Yikes, how many emails am I getting today? And how many am I going to delete without even looking at them? (That's what one of the accounts is for!) Exactly when was the last time I checked my email? Saturday. Hmmm, guess not, it was Fri. and it didn't take all that long. 36 messages, 20 spam and there goes the alarm! I gotta go, the pizza's ready!! ;)


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Feb. 4th, 2008 10:53 pm (UTC)
We have an old version of Outlook Express set up with a couple of our hotmail accounts and once in a while it decides to re-download EVERYTHING and it takes FOREVER. I don't know what the glitch is. Did it turn out to be similar for you? Or did you get a bunch of viagra advertisements?
Feb. 5th, 2008 04:53 am (UTC)
That would be a pain. Doesn't Hotmail have in their Preferences that once you download messages they are no longer in Hotmail's computers?
I think Outlook is basing the time on a dialup connection instead of broadband since it didn't take nearly as long as it said. I've just never seen a time before but then I usually check my email at least once a day so I don't receive a hundred messages at a time! ;)
About half were spam but mostly in the account used for that purpose so a brief glance at the sender in case it's one I actually want and then just hold the Del key down! Most of the others were just quick notifications of things going on and messages from various newsgroups I've joined.
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