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Not such a short bike ride

A short bike ride down to the Library and back turned into a 12.5 mile trip when I decided the nice weather was going to hold on a bit longer. I didn't manage to find Riverside Park this time, I think I should have turned right on Evelyn instead of going straight on Jennifer, but it was a nice ride either way. Pretty much kept the motor off until the last 2 miles when I thought my legs were gonna fall off! Round may be a shape but it's not the one I want to be in. I got back just the the first raindrops started splattering on the driveway!

I picked up four books from the library - two with a 14 day no renewal policy :(. Guess I'd better start with those first!
Prepared For Rage by Dana Stabenow is her 2nd coast guard thriller. I still prefer her Kate Shugak mysteries but the next one won't be out 'til next year.
Without Mercy by Toni L. P. Kelner is the first in her Where Are They Now? series about a celebrity journalist who thinks there's a serial killer targeting cast members of an old television show she just did an article about.
Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire is the book of the month in a book club I joined awhile back.
Dante's Inferno was the other choice as in the same book club and with so many references from other books I've read, I've always meant to read it.

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