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Wii, rather.
Boxed until Kathryn KOed me, hit a ball out of the park in baseball winning 2 games rather handily and bringing me up to pro status, a six-pack of strikes in bowling with a score of 236 brought my bowling up to pro also, and a record golf game of +1. Hey, that beats that my +14 all to pieces! hahahaha And Mom's complaining 'cause she can't get a -6 anymore since Jeff & Jackie quit playing them every night when they picked up their kids. No tennis, uh uh, no way. Besides, it's raining out there! :D

I was reading the jacket flap of Elizabeth Moon's latest book in her Vatta's War series this morning and found out it's the last one in the series so, I decided to reread the first four before reading the last one! Not that I've finished the David Weber rereads yet but they're both military sci-fi and that's my mood right now. I did finish Toni L. P. Kelner's first book in her Where Are They Now? cozy mystery series in time to take it back to the Library. I've got 'til the end of the month to read the biography for the book club. It surprised Larry that I was reading a biography 'til he found out who it was about - the wicked witch of the west! lol And in browing through one of my online new book releases info, I find that Maria V. Snyder has Fire Study out in Trade Paperback with no Hardcover release. :(

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