James (katsurian) wrote,

March books

Other than the 8 books by David Weber that I reread last month to finish off his Honor Harrington series, I only managed to read 2 new books by previously read authors.
Ashes of Victory, War of Honor, Crown of Slaves, More Than Honor, Worlds of Honor, Changer of Worlds, The Service of the Sword, & Shadow of Saganami,

Toni L. P. Kelner starts off a new mystery series Where Are They Now? with Without Mercy. Freelance magazine writer Tilda Harper writes about stars from popular old television series and one of her articles seems to be the inspiration for someone to start killing off the stars in one of her favorite shows. Now Tilda's searching for the one star she couldn't find to interview to warn her that she could be the next victim...if she's not the killer. Good book but I prefer her Laura Fleming series.

Alex Archer has a new Rogue Angel book, Provenance, which has Annja Creed battling pirates for an unknown relic of immeasurable power. It's another "didn't put it down 'til the end" book in the series although I was a bit irritated since the archeological treasure isn't mentioned by name, just that the world wasn't ready to see it yet.
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