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Book finished: Murder Under The Tree

I just finished the anthology Murder Under The Tree by Ann Crowleigh, Connie Feddersen, Louise Hendricksen, Toni L. P. Kelner, J. Dayne Lamb, & Pat Warren. I rate it a 5. Four out of the six authors have written series that I liked back when I read them in the early 1990's: Connie Feddersen, Louise Hendricksen, Toni L. P. Kelner & J. Dayne Lamb. Out of those four authors, Toni L. P. Kelner's was the only one whose characters stayed true to the series as I remembered them though J. Dayne Lamb's may have as I don't really remember the series too well. The story by Louise Hendricksen was written before her series was published so that would explain that but Connie Feddersen is the one that blows my mind. I definitely do not remember her characters acting in that manner within the series. I mentioned Ann Crowleigh in a previous entry and she has two books in the Clively Sisters series based in Victorian London. Pat Warren is another author that I looked up, unfortunately she didn't make a series with Kate Kennedy. The short story told it all!
Six brand new mysteries help mystery lovers celebrate the season with forensics, fingerprints, and fatal fa la la la las. Snuggle up to the Yule log with Ann Crowleigh, who sends her larceny & old lace Clively Sisters into a hall decked with holly and an unsolved murder from a Christmas past...Connie Feddersen, whose intrepid Amanda Hazard makes a holiday beauty appointment and ends up a hair's breath away from certain death...Louise Hendricksen, who sends Dr. Amy Prescott home to Lomitas Island to discover whether a woman has been wrongly charged with the murder her children say Santa committed...Toni L. P. Kelner, who gives her Laura Fleming the holiday blues and a bloody clue that comes gift-wrapped...J. Dayne Lamb, who decides that what amateur detective Teal Stewart really wants for Christmas is a new romance and a dead body decorated with bows...and Pat Warren, whose Kate Kennedy stumbles on a red-suited corpse and starts searching for the Scrooge who iced jolly old Saint Nick. So go easy on the sugar plums...the best treat of all is discovering whodunit!

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