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April books

April showers brings more book reading time! I caught up on a lot of books in my tbr stacks with one new author, a second new series, and several latest books in favorite series.

The new author is Judith Cutler with The Food Detective, the first book in the Josie Welford series. Josie's trying to make improvements to her pub but after changing food suppliers she's forced to deal with some strange mischief like unwanted deliveries, break-ins, and canceled orders. The new Food Standards Inspector, who put her late husband in jail, helps her get to the heart of the problem.

Rachel Caine, author of The Weather Warden series started a new series late last year that has been sitting on my tbr shelf because of my reluntance to read yet another vampire series. Glass Houses, Dead Girl's Dance, and Midnight Alley are the first 3 books in The Morgansville Vampire series that I ended up reading in 4 working days! Sixteen-year-old Claire Daniels is starting her first year of college close to home in Morgansville, Texas. What she doesn't know is that the town is run by vampires and not all students make the grade. A very enjoyable series though Rachel Caine continues her habit of the Weather Warden series by ending each book with a cliff-hanger ending!

Elizabeth Moon finished off her Vatta's War series so I started with number one and read all the way through: Trading in Danger, Marque and Reprisal, Engaging the Enemy, Command Decisions, and Victory Conditions. Kylara Vatta, after being forced to resign from the Space Academy, takes command of Vatta Transport's oldest trading vessel on it's final journey to end up in the scrapyard. But Ky has other plans, for with enough trade she can upgrade her ship to keep the ship spaceworthy and herself in command. Sailing into an interplanetary war wasn't one of them.

I finished off the Jack Daniels series by J. A. Konrath with Bloody Mary, Rusty Nail and Dirty Martini. That's the end of the series for me. She's still an imsomniac Chicago homicide detective searching for yet another serial killer with an up-and-down love life. These Guns for Hire was his anthology of authors writing about hitmen. Thirty-one stories in almost 500 pages with some great stories in there.

The latest Rett MacPherson novel, The Blood Ballad continues her geneologist Tori O'Shea series with a supposed lost family secret come to light.

Carrot Cake Murder is the latest Hannah Swensen by Joanne Fluke. The mystery was good and there wasn't so much in the Norman vs. Mike debacle in this book. Lots of interesting recipes too including Rocky Road Bar Cookies, Red Velvet Cookies (like the cake only as a cookie!), and Black Forest Brownies!! :) Yeah, I'm a Chocoholic!

The latest three Terri Farley Wild Horse Island stories: Castaway Colt, Fire Maiden, and Sea Shadow before taking them over for my neices to read.

Jennifer Chiaverini has a new Elm Creek Quilt novel. The Winding Ways Quilt sees some of the founding members leaving Elm Creek and getting to know the new members who are coming in as replacements.

Carolyn G. Hart has a new Death on Demand novel with Death Walked In. After his last adventure, Max no longer wants to run his business. But when he ignores the call of a potential new client who is later found dead next door to their new home he feels guilty about not taking the call. With his conviction of the innocence of the police's main suspect, Max and Annie enter the investigation themselves.

And, of course, the rereading continuation of my David Weber collection. The last book in the Honor Harrington series: At All Costs; and the first two books in the Mutineer's Moon trilogy: Mutineer's Moon and The Armageddon Inheritance.
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