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Productive or not

It was time to stop procrastinating on the garage cabinets so I went out this morning to put them together and clean up the garage...again! (Funny how stuff accumulates out there!) I'm following the instructions and have two drawers put together and am working on the third when I find they've given me 2 left sides to the deep drawer and no right side. Off to Home Depot where we both got a good laugh out of it and they were nice enough to exchange it without a problem. Garage isn't completely done but I stopped for lunch and didn't go back. Workbench was cleaned off and that's the main thing I wanted done. Everything else is a matter of reorganization now that I've got the cabinets done. Then I won't be able to find anything again. lol
This evening UPS delivered my blinds from JC Penney so I opened the box in preparation to installing them. Wrong color. Took them in and had a laugh with the lady I ordered them through. Reordered and they should be waiting for me at the store when I get back from vacation.
Spaghetti made for the week and I've started two new series today though it doesn't look like I'll be continuing with either of them after the first book. They may surprise me, especially the one but the other I may not even finish. *gasp* Shocking, I know and that's the mystery series one!
One load of laundry done with one more still to do tomorrow.
I still need to vacuum and mop the floors but Mom called from Wyoming this morning where they ran into snow!! and says she has a list of books she wants me to order for her tomorrow after they gets home. Sounds like a good reason to put the floors off for another week! hahaha

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