James (katsurian) wrote,

Wii bowling

10 strikes in a row and then I accidently lofted the ball for a spare in the last frame. Total score - 288 out of a perfect 300 game! My highest score yet but still 10 pins shy of Dad's 298. It's too bad I can't count the last 6 strikes from the last 6 frames of the previous game. 16 strikes in a row!! Oh well, I've got a new aiming viewpoint now and I'm planning on getting that perfect score yet! :)

I notice that my last entry was not to the tbr_stack community like it was supposed to be. Anyone else ever do that, post to your journal instead of the community it's meant for?

I got a call from Amber this evening. She says to pack extra food for work, it's going to be another 12 hour day tomorrow with 3rd shift coming in to relieve us and finish up. We've got Saturday off for Memorial Day and then a different day later off in the week. So we're still working 5 days on a holiday week and no 2 days off in a row. :(

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