James (katsurian) wrote,

Sally Gunning

Sally Gunning is the author of 10 books in the Peter Bartholomew mystery series that I read back in the '90s. He owned an odd-job business on an island - anything you needed done, he'd make sure it got done. I enjoyed the series very much but haven't heard of anything else she's written until now.
She is now writing historical novels and The Widow's War is the first one I've read but certainly not the last. This is an intriguing story about a woman in 1761 whose whaling captain husband is lost to the sea. Her property and her life is now in the hands of her daughter's husband, a stubborn and greedy man. She has few options but takes what she can to defy her "guardian" and live her own life. He, of course, doesn't take her defiance at all well and the "war" is on.
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