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I guess I don't get out much. This morning I finished The Crystal Skull, a book by Manda Scott, based on the ending of the Mayan calendar in 2012 and was looking up info on it online when what do I find? A new Indiana Jones movie that just came out based on the same legend. I guess we'll find out in another 4.5 years if it's another Y2K thing or not!

New license plates seen:
on a Porsche Carrera: VKGPWR
on a VW Bug: TU COOL
on a ?car: EIEIO (I wonder if their last name is MacDonald?)

Weather for the first day of vacation: Rain and tomorrow's not looking good either!
Last day of work before vacation: 13 hours as foreman and we ran the nightmare order. Obviously I managed to survive the experience *grin* and we even ended up 27 boxes over!!! Grabbed a wee little something to eat when I got home and dropped into bed for an amazing 6.5 hours sleep.
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