James (katsurian) wrote,

Why, oh why did I make 3 pizzas yesterday? Oh yeah, because I was too lazy to make one every couple weeks until everything was used up. No, I had to wait until the expiration date was almost up and make them all at once.

I got another shipment from Amazon!! :) The latest "Prey" book (John Sandford's Lucas Davenport series) and the latest Tanya Huff in her "Valor," "Torin Kerr," or "Confederation" series. (Everyone has a different name for the series) It turns out though that I missed the release of the third novel in the series last year and this is the fourth book in the series. :( The fourth Morgansville Vampire book by Rachel Caine and number eleven in Jo Dereske's librarian Miss Zukas series.

Wii Boxing, Bowling, Baseball, and Golf are at Pro level while I'm still working on the Tennis. Pro level is 1000 points and I'm just above 900. I was last night too but stayed up too late trying for Pro and dropped the score down to the high 700's. Guess that explains why I've been so sleepy today, almost falling asleep reading my book.

License plates seen today:
VW Cabriola: GNATS
Honda SUV: I M FIT
Range Rover: CRZYRN

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