James (katsurian) wrote,

Munson Creek Falls, Mt Hebo Viewpoint

First stop this morning was at Cape Kiwanda

where I couldn't believe my eyes.

Have you ever seen a surfer with an oar?

The second stop was for 27 gallons of gas. Ouch :(
Then it was off to try and find Munson Creek Falls. Anyone who knows me will be shocked that I didn't have an exact location but just a general idea of where both Munson Creek Falls and the Mt. Hebo viewpoints were. But Munson Creek Falls was pretty well marked and easy to find. I wasn't really expecting much from this falls since the people who told me about it were pretty derogatory about it, saying it wasn't very good and easily skippable. The road in was about 1.5 lanes wide and posted for 25 mph. Then the road narrowed to a single lane and the pavement ended. There were signs pointing the way but no distances and I'm thinking of the 9 miles of single lane road to Drift Creek Falls. Nope, .75 miles later was the small parking lot and a sign: The hiking trail is only .25 miles long! Just how fantastic can this falls be? A fairly easy gravel (which they sure didn't use on the road!:) trail doesn't always meander along the creek but you can hear it bubbling along as you walk

and when the trail suddenly ends

at a spectacular view of a double falls; it's Absolutely Gorgeous. :)

There's a nice picnic area near the creek back at the parking area

After lunch, it was off to find the road to Mt Hebo, which I hadn't seen when I went through Hebo. Figured I'd have to stop at the Ranger Station (*gasp* me?) and ask for directions. It turned out not to be a Ranger Station and I didn't stop but found the turnoff a short way down Hwy 22. A very narrow two lane winding road for 13.5 of the 14 miles up to the top with the last half mile being a graded road with several small potholes. Communication towers located at the top probably keeps the road fairly well maintained and the view on a clear day would be fantastic. It wasn't qite so clear today but a kind of hazy view of Haystack Rock

and the city of Tillamook, home of the Tillamook Cheese Factory!

Turning the corner to see the view from the back of a building was rather startling

to say the least since I had the only car up there at the time!

And on the way back down, I ran into a little

As long as I was up there, I stopped at Hebo Lake

which wasn't very impressive. What's the difference between a lake and a pond? Lakes have fish and ponds don't? I don't know but this seemed more like a large pond to me. There were a few campsites but everything was full in the 5 minute drive around the...lake.
Back to the campground for a second lunch! some computer time, and a few good jokes! :D

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