James (katsurian) wrote,

7 mile beach hike

My beach walk ended at the end of the beach! There's a river separating this beach from Sand Lake and Whelan Island. A 3 hour hike and 2 more hours just sitting around on the beach with my book.
I believe this is Cape Lookout, the next place I plan on hiking. Though maybe not tomorrow!

A parasailing surfer. He flew off the top of a wave and was carried about 50 feet through the air but landed in a splash.

Diving birds though I don't know what kind

The obligatory sea gull!

A small crab

A whole sand dollar
Sea lion washed up on the beachThey have fur, not scales! I didn't know that.
(Link for those who don't want to view that picture)


Eek. It's a monster. Run! :)
I lost my hat once in the 15-20 mph wind and had to chase it back down the beach.

The beach is slowly being eroded away with each new winter storm.

How would you like that house on the hill. It's got quite a view.
No pretty sunset tonight. The sun just vanished. It went from sunny to gray with no pretty colors in between. :( I'm sitting here in the lodge watching the clouds fly past the window at a remarkable clip.

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