James (katsurian) wrote,

Cape Meares

A nice trip to Cape Meares today.

A baby seal/sea lion on the beach.

A little something in the rodent family scurried across the path behind me. It wasn't quite fast enough for Quick Draw McGraw and his handy dandy camera! hahaha

The famous Octopus Tree is a Sitka spuce that grew funny due to the high coastal winds.

Looking through the lens of the lighthouse turns the opposing view upside down. The Three Arches are in the sky and the clouds are on the ground.

The path goes under this tripod tree on the North Trail of Cape Lookout.

The whole gallery is here though there's a lot of duplicates until I can get home and sort through them.

They're closing the lodge in a few minutes so I gotta go.
It's the Cape Lookout Cape Trail tomorrow!

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