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Cape Lookout Headlands

A very nice 2 hour walk one way to the end of the Cape Lookout headland. The Park Service was out cutting growth away from the path and mentioned that there had been whales out playing off the point an hour ago. All of the people I met heading back mentioned that there were whales just off the point.

I didn't see any whales. Sea met sky but I missed the whales by about 15 minutes. :(


No, I see food!!!

You can't see me.

I also saw eagles

and pelicans,

other things with wings

and snakes.

Flowers and a lot of storm damaged trees down.

Cape Lookout

From Cape Lookout South to Cape Kiwanda

From Cape Lookout North to Cape Meares.

I went to all the places I meant to go this trip! Drift Creek Covered Bridge and Falls, Whelan Island with Sand Lake as a bonus trip, Munson Creek with Mr Hebo as another bonus trip, Cape Meares lighthouse and beach with Cape Lookout State Park beach and campground, Cape Lookout headlands. One Island, Two Waterfalls and Three Capes. Ha, I didn't climb Cape Kiwanda. Been there, done that and already have the pictures to prove it! And I did walk the entire beach!
I had some great weather for the trip after that first day of rain. No sunset straight into the ocean this trip but that's a pretty rare occurrence anyway. The only thing I could possibly complain about is the lack of reading time. lol I've read, what? 3 books - 2 of which I'd already started before I left and I've actually got a hundred pages before I really finish the 3rd one!
I have to do two loads of laundry before I can go to work on Sat. so I don't have to leave until late Friday morning if I really want to push it to the limit. I think I'll load the truck tomorrow and leave early Friday morning. That makes tomorrow a free day except for loading the camper on the truck!

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