James (katsurian) wrote,

This morning's meanderings

Granny loved beachcombing in the early morning, seeing what the tide had washed ashore overnight. This first day of summer’s low tide, with her son’s twin daughters staying with her, they’d set out to meander along the Oregon beach seeing what they could find.

Running across the sand, splashing through the waves, and clambering over the rocks they kept moving across the beach. It was in passing under the arch that Marta and Tessa Smith made their big discovery.

“Look, Granny, it’s a cave,” shouted Marta.
“A cave?” exclaimed Granny, “I’ve never seen a cave here before. Could that be…”
“Let’s go exploring!” Tessa was more than a little excited, darting into the opening.
“Tessa, come back. Marta, wait.” cried Granny. But it was too late. Both twins had passed through the opening on the summer solstice, transported to…

Fairyland? Who knows. I just start 'em out. Getting them back isn't my job! lol

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