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Book finished: Tool & Die

I just finished #8 Tool & Die by Sarah Graves. I rate it a 7.
When her new housekeeper starts receiving death threats, Jake Tiptree and her best friend Ellie White promise to check out the most likely culprit: the woman's ex-husband. Jim Diamond is an ex-con and a deadbeat, but he doesn't have a history of violence...until Jake and Ellie find a corpse in his run-down apartment.
Now, with her terrified housekeeper on a cleaning rampage, a moose in her kitchen, a rebellious son, and a troublesome ex of her own, Jake is already at wit's end. So when the killer strikes again, clearly Jake and Ellie have gotten mixed up in a master plan of greed, deception, and death. And their place in the murderous scheme? A pair of private rooms - six feet under!

I'm currently reading #18 Little Knell by Catherine Aird & the latest Harry Potter book, which isn't going very well. I'm finding it very hard to get interested in; just over 100 pages into it but i'll keep plugging away at it. May even have it done by Thanksgiving next Thursday!
I'll be starting #7 Death at a Premium by Valerie Wolzien at work tonight.

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