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Book finished: Death At A Premium

I just finished #7 Death At A Premium by Valerie Wolzien. I rate it an 8.
After signing a lucrative deal to remodel Brides Bed and Breakfast, island contractor Josie Pigeon thinks her summer is set - until a series of unfortunate events befalls the construction site.
First, Josie's wealthy employer hires his inexperienced grandson as architect of the project. Soon after. the only male member on Josie's crew is causing problems - romantic as well as professional. And then her insurance company is threatening to cancel coverage for her entire staff.
To top it all off, there are rumors that the B&B is haunted, and mannequins are turning up behind walls of the inn. They appear to be the exploits of a prankster - until a real corpse is found, revealing the sinister handiwork of a cold-blooded killer.

Currently reading Little Knell and Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince.
Tags: 2005, valerie wolzien

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