James (katsurian) wrote,

May books

It seems I forgot to post my books read during the month of May.

Susan Wittig Albert Her latest China Bayle's Herb Shop mystery, Nightshade
Katherine Hall Page Her latest Faith Fairchild mystery, The Body in the Gallery
John Scalzi His trilogy - Old Man's War, The Ghost Brigade, The Last Colony and a stand alone novel, The Android's Dream
David Weber & Steve White The first and last books in their Starfire Quartet, Insurrection is the last one and Crusade is the first one. (The last one was the first one written)
Alex Archer His latest Rogue Angel, The Soul Stealer
Steve Perry, Portland Author!, Trinity Vector
Gail Fraser The first three in her Lumby series, The Lumby Lines, Stealing Lumby, Lumby's Bounty
Randy Striker AKA Randy Wayne White, The first in his Mac Devlin series, Key West Connection, and the last one I'm reading in that series. I like his Doc Ford mysteries.
Karen Miller The first in her Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duet, The Innocent Mage
Sally Gunning her first historical novel, The Widow's War

A grand total of 17 books with 3 new authors this month.
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