James (katsurian) wrote,


In order to see if walking 45 minutes a day helps or not, I need something to compare, don't I? lol Here's the top 3 things I'm hoping to accomplish by walking:
1. I'll feel less tired and more energized during the day
2. My left ankle will stop swelling up by the end of the day
3. I'll lose weight. That should also help with #2

I don't know how to measure tiredness but I felt more alert at work yesterday morning than I have lately. Psychosomatic? Probably, but that's negative thinking.

Ankle measurements last night
Left - 11 inches
Right - 10 inches
And this morning
Left 10.25 inches
Right - 9.75 inches

Weight - 264 I want to get back down to 210, where I was before I broke my right hand.

I'm off to make some banana bread before it starts getting hot!

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